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EachInput Problem

by Tim Logan, January 20, 2006 07:56


EACHINPUT has a small bug. When it iterates through the variables that were passed into the script, it is including the variables created using the SETMULTI command earlier in the same script.

Template file...


<!--setmulti tmpvar001 = "ABC" --> <!--set tmpvar002 = "DEF" -->

<!--eachinput--> $input_variable$ = $input_value$<br> <!--endinput-->

Output... : (null) ThisSessionID: J04a3IKdWkT2TU1MhNYIJ2HAU usr: 24 sbu: 99 ESPgm: 3 ESTeam: 4

[3:SET tmpvar001="ABC" ] [4:SET tmpvar002="DEF" ]

ThisSessionID = J04a3IKdWkT2TU1MhNYIJ2HAU usr = 24 sbu = 99 ESPgm = 3 ESTeam = 4 tmpvar001 = ABC

Notice how tmpvar001 was included. This was not passed in as shown in the SHOWINPUT command.


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