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RE: INCLUDE command not recognizing server directory, David Dickinson, 01-23-2006

Must be something else different

by Roger Harris, January 23, 2006 08:04

The INCLUDE command just uses the file system open function from the C/C++ library, so using version 3 won't make any difference. The only reason you should ever get a "not found" error is that either the directory path or the file doesn't exist. Any other kind of problem would produce a different error.

If the file really exists, the most likely reason is that you're not looking on the right directory, but you haven't provided any info about what you're doing in your script, so I can't guess what might be wrong.

The error message should show the actual directory path that failed. Is that really what you thought it should be? If not, how are you specifying the path for the file -- are you using a variable that should be set from a server variable, such as $path_translated$?

Or, are you omitting the directory path from the command and depending on finding the file on the "current working directory" (which might be different for the new server)?


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