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RE: Must be something else different, Roger Harris, 01-23-2006

Nothing changed.

by john bennett, January 23, 2006 09:22

Roger, I work with David and the only thing that has changed is we went to 2003 Server. the include file he is talking about is a valid directory and file in the right format(see code snippet) <% INCLUDE g:\htdocs\sab\includes\uld_insert.htm %> G: is a mapped network drive on the correct directory. i can see it from cmd prompt, navigate directly to the file in explorer, and the include command worked on the previous server (2000 server), so i do not really understand the issue now. here is the error message:

ULD Entry Screen

ODBscript Error: Error opening the input file: No such file or directory g:\htdocs\SAB\includes\curr_prev_yr_mth_day.htm [Error in file uld_i1.html line 304]


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