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RE: Sendmail - Unable to connect to mail server - error 10053, R Zant, 02-20-2006

It's a standard socket error

by Roger Harris, February 20, 2006 17:56

If you do a Google on "socket error 10053", it means "software caused connection abort." Not very helpful -- it just means the connection was established, but some piece of software somewhere between you and the mail server droppped the connection -- and apparently there can be a lot of causes. It could be, for example, that the server is hung up and run out of space to queue the request, but assuming that the server itself is up and running normally, then it seems likely to be because of a firewall or anti-virus software. (According to some of the sources I found, it can also be caused by a router or proxy server, but I would think those would most likely forbid the connection in the first place.) So, if this suddenly started happening, do you have new firewall or anti-virus software running?


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