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RE: I think he means just having one select statement..., David Richardson, 02-22-2006

Thanks David, but that's not what I mean...

by Gordon Hsu, February 22, 2006 07:27


What I mean is that I didn't see your implementation of how to connect to DB in your function and wonder if you have better idea so that I can use to eliminate the un-necessary steps I have created.

As David's concern, my suggestion would be using the <!--SETMULTI-->, <!--EACHMULTI--> <!--ENDMULTI--> to store all the records from Feb and then using the something like <!--IF $TableCellDay$ = $DBDay$--> to filter out the incorrect date. That way, it might increase the memory usage (from setmulti) but will increase the performance since we only query once to the DB for each month. Thanks.



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