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RE: What do you want to do?, Roger Harris, 02-22-2006

OK, I'll have another stab at interpreting....

by David Richardson, February 22, 2006 13:03

I think what Gordon's after is something like this (pseudocode)...

<!--SELECT meeting_title, meeting_date from table where meeting_date like '%Feb%' order by meeting_date-->
<!--SETMULTI meeting_title, meeting_date-->

<!--DO CALENDAR--> <!--SHOW meeting_title where $calendar_date$=$meeting_date$--> <!--END CALENDAR-->

On the surface of it, it looks like it would be faster, but as you see I had to "invent" some new commands! And I'm not sure how much you could store in a set multi...

Anyway, that's my interpretation.... hope it helps!


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