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RE: Anyone written a PayPal IPN for ODBScript?, John Kinciad, 02-22-2006


by Roger Harris, February 23, 2006 12:18

There is a posting linked below about this. Here's the basic code that does the "post back" to PayPal to verify the transaction:

SET inVars="cmd=_notify-validate";
    SET inVars=$inVars$"&"$input_variable$"="$url($input_value$);

SET txStatus=$httppost("www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?$inVars$");

IF $txStatus$ = "VERIFIED"; ... (the transaction is valid) ELSE; ... (the transaction is not valid) ENDIF; %>

Other than that, you just need a list of the variable names that PayPal sends (which are documented in their downloadble manual), and the script can be written as if the data was passed in from a form (i.e., it's a standard HTTP "post" request).

There isn't any defined output that the script needs to produce, but you do need to have the script output some text (it doesn't matter what it is -- I just output "OK"), so that PayPal will receive a successful response. (Otherwise, ODBscript will not send back any response headers, which is treated as a failed request, so PayPal will keep sending the IPN over a period of time, looking for a successful response.)

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