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by Ben Blundell, March 13, 2006 04:21

If the homepage of a site is to be a dynamic ODB script page, then are there any other ways of firing the page through the ODB script processor apart from

1) Putting a PHP or ASP file called index.php/index.asp in the root directory which sends a 301 redirect to e.g www.mydomain.com/odb.exe/homepage.htm

2) Setting up a URL re-writing scheme on the server which matches e.g www.mydomain.com and executes the www.mydomain.com/odb.exe/homepage.htm script instead (and this would only work on Apache)

Most of the sites we develop require the index page to be dynamic, and so is there a way I havent though of that will not cause problems with search engines? (Im not sure how the "Page Moved" response goes down with Google)


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