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RE: Dynamic homepage, Ben Blundell, 03-13-2006

Use "script mapping"

by Roger Harris, March 13, 2006 07:14

"Script mapping" allows you to specify that files with given extensions are to be executed by specified script processors. Mapping the .asp and .php file extensions to their respective processors is what allows you to directly reference those files in URLs and to set them up as default pages on the home directory. So, with .odb mapped to either odb.exe or odbis.dll, you can make your default home page an .odb file (e.g. index.odb), and you can link directly to .odb files in URLs without specifying the CGI or ISAPI programs in the URLs. (Of course, you will also need to set the name of the default page on the home directory.)

I'm not sure how Apache defines script maps or sets the default home page, but I know both of those features are supported, so a Web search should find lots of info.

Google won't have a problem with those pages because it receives the pages directly, with no redirect, and isn't even aware that they are produced by a script.


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