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RE: Use "script mapping", Roger Harris, 03-13-2006

HTTP 500 error when mapping to ODB script executable

by Ben Blundell, March 15, 2006 04:01

I have configured IIS 6.0 to map .odb scripts to C:\Windows\odb.exe, which is where the executable resides. Also, I have allowed the odb.exe as an extension.

Whenever I go to e.g test.odb, which is a simple script that contains only a few instructions, then the server issues a HTTP 500 error. Obviously it is finding the ODB executable, but not quite processing the script file properly.

Do you have to map .odb files to the executable with any special arguments? (When installing PERL, you map it to perl.exe %s %s for example)

I have set permissions on the odb script executable so that all users have "Full Control" (read/write/execute)

Thanks for any help Ben


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