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RE: Hmmm, never seen that, Roger Harris, 03-29-2006

ODB executable calculating file paths on IIS

by Ben Blundell, March 31, 2006 01:55

Thanks for the reply Roger, but I haven't actually managed to replicate the above error again. I will make another post if I am able to do so, but for now I am having another niggling problem running ODBscript on my IIS server:

Executing http://server/cgi-bin/odb.exe returns "Input from external host not allowed" which is fine - the executable is running OK, and permissions are set correctly.

If you then put a file test.htm in the web root and execute


Then odbscript says "ODBscript Error: Error opening the input file: No such file or directory ../test.htm"

But, if you execute


Then it works fine (even though the test file is not in the cgi-bin directory, but 1 directory below)

On my IIS server, the ODBscript executable seems to be calculating all paths relative to the web root, whereas I want it to calculate paths relative to itself (like it does when I run it on my clients Xitami server)

Any suggestions?


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