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by Gordon Hsu, April 5, 2006 06:20


I have been using ODBscript since version 1.0 and it has given me enjoyment while developing web app. I love ODBscript!!

Here is my wish list for ODBscript to have.

1. Allow variable in DSN; Like: <!--IF $Server1$ --> <!--DATABASE DSN=$ODBC1$ --> <!--ELSE IF $Server2$ --> <!--DATABASE DSN=$ODBC2$ --> <!--ELSE --> <!--DATABASE DSN=$ODBC3$ --> <!--ENDIF --> It will allow people to deploy the code to different servers (like from dev to prod) with different ODBC without changing the code at all

2. Allow $VAR() in $SPLIT; $VAR() is currently allowed in $REPL() but not in $SPLIT() Like: <!--SET Name = $SPLIT(VAR(Input), ",") --> just like <!--SET Name = $REPL(VAR(Input), "," = "'") -->

3. Allow $IF() in SENDMAIL (can use $IF() in FROM, TO, CC, SUBJECT etc) LIKE: <!--SENDMAIL SERVER=$IF($Mail1Server1$,"", ""), FROM=send1@my.org, TO=$IF($Scenario$=1,$To1$,$To2$), $IF($ExistCC$,"CC=send2@my.org, ") SUBJECT=$First_Name$ $Last_Name$ mailing list $IF($AcceptHTML$, ", HTML") -->

4. Have new pre-defined variable (for example, called $TOTALROW$) to get the total number of rows when retrieving data from DB. This variable exist in other scripting languages like PHP, ColdFusion etc.

5. Have the new function called WAIT(NumberOfSeconds) so that ODBscript engine can stop running for the second specified. This function is sometime useful when people would like to make sure other functions (or something else) finish their job before continuing.




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