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RE: That means that the CGI doesn't have write privileges for the directory, Roger Harris, 04-20-2006

Reply from Terrasite

by Max Steiner, April 21, 2006 18:27

Roger, Here is Terrasite's reply:

"The directory that has execute permissions is the CGI-BIN folder. It would not be prudent to allow all users write access to a folder that also has execute permissions. That would be asking for problems."

Does this make sense, if so, it sounds like I need to use the temp directory. I did the $env("TMP") like you suggested and it is C:\WINNT\TEMP. Are you saying that ODBscript will then move the files to this directory? If so, How did I then move the files to the directory that I want them to go to? Will I have to do DOS commands to move the files to the directories I want the files to go to?

Oh.. Also, is there anyway to remove my email address entry in my previous post. I put that in there in error and am trying to cut down on SPAM with this email address. I'm sure by putting my email address out on an html form that someones going to scrape it off and starting sending spam. Let me know if this is possible.



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