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RE: Still getting permission denied error, Max Steiner, 04-22-2006

Can't rename across drives

by Roger Harris, April 23, 2006 11:39

So, I think you're going to need to upload directly to the directory. You could put the "upload_dir" in the form, but I'd recommend using an odb_upload.ini file instead. This file can be placed on the working directory (which you already know is your CGI directory). Just put in a line says:

(You will still need to rename the file to get the desired name)
<% IF NOT renameFile($upload_filename$,$hostname$) %>
You can also put other control variables in the odb_upload.ini file, such as max_upload. Another variable that's good to use is allowed_ext, which lets you control the file types that can be uploaded. For example, if you only want to allow browser-supported graphics files to be uploaded, you can add something like this:
This will prevent uploading things like .exe programs and .cmd command files.


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