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by Gene, April 30, 2006 10:03

I have an online database to keep track of Subjects and Links. How do I modify this line to display true hyperlinks for the $links$ that is displays? I tried one way, but it only show hyperlinks for "C:\..some local files". Here is the unmodified line in odb: <TR bgcolor="#A9B0E7"><TD><font size="2">$id$</TD><TD><font size="2">$Subject$</TD><TD><font size="2">$links$</TD></TR>

I need the $links$ to display the real hyperlinks that that database contains, example - mysql database field called "links" contains a record "http://www.abc.com". I would like to be able to click on that displayed record, and get "http://www.abc.com" as a true hyperlink that I can click on and goto that address.


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