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RE: Can't use the upload_dir?, Max Steiner, 04-23-2006


by Roger Harris, April 30, 2006 11:55

You can use the upload_dir parameter, provided that CGIs can write to that directory. In your original post, your uploaded file was ".\upload", where the ".\" means that the file is on the "current working directory." I'm not sure how that was set (possibly by having an upload_dir variable in the form but with an empty value=""?), but the error message you received meant that the CGI couldn't write to that directory. So, you have two choices: use upload_dir to specify a directory where the CGI can write (which will upload directly to the directory), or allow the upload to go to the default TMP directory and move the file with a rename (which means that you still need write access to the destination directory, but that's a way to avoid putting the upload_dir in the form or in the odb_upload.ini file).


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