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RE: using SENDMAIL to send HTML email with embedded images, Ben Blundell, 05-02-2006

I have a version that supports that now

by Roger Harris, May 6, 2006 08:51

I have a version that will allow you to specify the CID of an attachment. When using this to embed graphic files, you should also specify the file type, such as:

SENDMAIL ...,HTML, ATTACH=(TYPE=image/jpeg,CID:xxx,filename.jpg),...
Then, you can use the same "CID:xxx" in the email HTML to reference the file.

If you have multiple files, you can specify all of them within the same ATTACH=(...) list, but put the CID for each immediately before the filename:

(One caution: certain characters are not allowed in the CID because it's used in a MIME header, but ODBscript does not validate the CID, so I recommend sticking to alphanumeric characters.)

I will email you a copy of this version.


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