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Getting Started Help - Save My Life Tonite, Please...

by Pixelape, May 10, 2006 19:36

Love OBDscript, makes me a pro overnight!

But Seriously...

I'm on an SBC (AT&T) Shared Hosting server.

It's a good setup. there's a /cgi-bin in which all DBs must reside. I put OBD.exe there, as directed and created /wwwidgets under my Domain root.

When I run the /wwwidgets/index.html I get...

ODBscript Error: Error opening the input file: No such file or directory D:\Webs\grfx\wwwidget\odb\wwwtitle.incl (excuse the W, I have UTF-8 installed on this PC)

[Error in file table1.odb line 14]

I tried adding "www.grfx.com/" after obd & then "../" after...no change.

SBC says all mdb must be in cgi-bin so I put products.mdb there, how do I redirect to /cgi-bin/products.mdb?

I don't see that in wwwtitle.incl...


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