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RE: I'm sorry, Gordon, but I haven't been able to duplicate the problem, Roger Harris, 08-12-2006

Probelm Idenified

by Gordon Hsu, August 13, 2006 07:36

Dear Roger,

In the process of preparing the material for you to troubleshooting (I need to re-write my ODBscript for you because my original ODBscript is long and complicated), I have identified the problem.

Here is the scenario to produce the problem: <!--SQL getRecord1 .... --> <!--EACHROW --> <!--SETMULTI mName1=$Name1$, mName2=$Name2$, mName3=$Name3$ --> <!--ENDROW -->

<!--SQL getRecord2 .... --> <!--EACHROW --> <!--SETMULTI mName1=$Name1$, mName5=$Name5$, mName6=$Name6$ --> <!--ENDROW -->

<table> <!--EACHMULTI mName1, mName5, mName6 --> <tr><td>$mName1$</td><td>$mName5$</td><td>$mName6$</td></tr> <!--ENDMULTI --> </table>

I thought that EACHMULTI will only retrieve the record from memory which have three variables (mName1, mName5, mName6) together but it looks like EACHMULTI took from (mName1, mName2, mName3) as well. I don't know whether it is a bug or not but it will be nice that EACHMULTI will only look for (mName1, mName5, mName6). I know the problem is that $mName5$ and/or $mName6$ might be NULL but can you think of something else to overcome? Perhaps to check first to see if variable names of $mName5$ and $mName6$ exist or not?

Also, this problem occurred in prod as well so that my previous statement (only occur in local) is incorrect. Sorry for the mistake.



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