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RE: Automatic record key, Jongr, 10-16-2006

Awkward way to do it

by Gordon Hsu, October 18, 2006 09:23


There is no easy way to prevent user hitting the back button and re-submit it. I don't know if it worths the effort but if you really need to do it, here is the way I can think of. 1. Create the new table (called it Validate?); this table only has one column and is autonumber. 2. In you form page, insert a record to this Validate table, retrieve the value and set this value as hidden key. 3. In your action page, first using this hidden key to check if a record exist or not. If yes, proceed; if no, exit and give the error message 4. Right before the action page ends, using this hidden key again to delete the record.

I hope this help. Thanks.



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