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Using "Multiple" with the <option> command

by Max Steiner, November 4, 2006 11:13

I would like to add an option list, but allow them to select multiple entries. I don't want to use the <checkbox> option because there are many selections and want a scrollbar to reduce the amount of space that is used on the screen. Using the following as an example:

<FORM METHOD="post" ACTION="/cgi-bin/odbic.exe/ibin/testret.tpl">
<OPTION>Web Authoring Reference</OPTION>
<OPTION>Design Elements</OPTION>
<OPTION>Feature Article</OPTION>

Assuming I selected "Web Authoring Reference" and "Design Elements" Then in my testret.tpl screen I do a <!--SHOWINPUT <br>--> and it returns the following:

sections: Web Authoring Reference
sections: Design Elements

This is great! But how do I use these values when they are the same variable names?

Anyone else run into this???


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