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RE: QBE and English date selection, Jon Grosse, 10-23-2006

Try this...

by Roger Harris, November 4, 2006 16:02

I was hoping an English or European user would answer this, because I haven't tried it, but I think your SETOPTION should be DATE="mdy" (which is necessary for the FORMAT to properly interpret the input field, if that's the format it's in), and then when you use TestDate in the QBE statement, just enclose it in # characters, #TestDate#, which is what Access wants to indicate date fields. If the database is set to use MDY format and the input field from the form is also in that format, I think it *should* work -- unless for some reason the ODBC driver doesn't recognize that format. (I think it should, if your local setup is for European date formats, but as I say, I haven't tried it.)


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