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setmulti / eachmulti inside eachrow

by tom, November 28, 2006 12:28

I have a setmulti / eachmulti inside an eachrow statement... but I haven't figured out how to clear my 'array' after each loop. Values just keep getting appended to the array. Tried using a set statement to clear the var... seemed to work on the first loop but none thereafter. (which was down the list of what I thought might happen)

Don't laugh.. just some prototype code:

<!--eachrow --> <!--SETMULTI assignee_list=$ASSIGNEE$ --> <!--set numAssignees = 1 --> <!--if $ASSIGNEE1$ --> <!--SETMULTI assignee_list=$ASSIGNEE1$ --> <!--set numAssignees = 2 --> <!--endif--> <!--if $ASSIGNEE2$ --> <!--SETMULTI assignee_list=$ASSIGNEE2$ --> <!--set numAssignees = 3 --> <!--endif--> Sending email to: <!--eachmulti assignee_list --> $assignee_list$ $if($multirow$ < 3 AND $numAssignees$ > $multirow$,",") <!--endmulti--> <br> <br> <!--set assignee_list = "" --> <!--endrow-->


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