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Weird EACHFILE problem

by David Richardson, April 3, 2007 23:25

Can anyone tell me why this works:

<% EACHFILE $path_translated_dir$/files/$filename$ %>

But this doesn't:

<% EACHFILE $path_translated_dir$/$directory$/$filename$ %>

I've tried putting quotes around the slashes, but nothing works and it doesn't even throw out an error either - everything within the loop is ignored. I even tried setting another variable:

<% SET currentdirectory=$path_translated_dir$"/"$directory$ %> <% EACHFILE $currentdirectory$/$filename$ %>

But that didn't work either - even with quotes.

Stupidly, I coded a number of pages to check if a file was in existence on the local server and if it didn't exist then to point to another server. I thought this code would work but it doesn't. I've got a workaround to check all the files in the directory and set a variable to true if the file is found, but it seems an awful lot of work for something quite simple.

Any ideas?


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