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RE: compact .mdb using odbscript, Dave, 05-24-2007

Move to mySQL. Honestly.

by David Richardson, May 28, 2007 17:29

If you're performing regular imports from external servers and the suchlike you really need to have an industrial-strength database - and the only free one is mySQL. You simply can't do the things you want to do with Access - as good as a ODBScript is.

If you really can't move over then your only solution is to script the tasks. I don't know if the current version of Access has some command line tools. If it has then you can create a script and use the EXECUTE command to run it on demand, or else schedule it using windows scheduler. But if not then you may need to use some kind of visual scripting app. I used to use Automate.

(If only there were a UNIX version of ODBScript - plenty of tools for that there!)

Hope that helps.


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