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RE: CGI or ISAPI, Billy Hughes, 07-06-2007

I've never used the ISAPI version but...

by David Richardson, July 12, 2007 10:45

...everyone tells me it is extremely fast!

The only issue for me is that it is lacking a few functions, and I need to be able to associate ODB pages with one executable.

Personally, I think the only real issue is on the load your server is carrying. If you have tens of thousands of users then you might see an improvement. But then again, if you use an industrial strength database (eg MySQL or Oracle) then the more powerful processor and increased RAM for that will give you the real speed increase.

I've not used Vista, but I have used ODBScript on Windows 2003, and you need to beware about permissions. Windows 2003 really doesn't like anonymous users coming along executing applications willy nilly and will do everything it can to prevent you from allowing it (it is also a security risk)

Hope that helps.


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