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RE: Displaying Tiff files, Jon Grosse, 08-07-2007

You're restricted to what the browser can display

by David Richardson, August 8, 2007 07:08

Typically browsers only support, GIF, JPG and PNG images since they're the most compressed formats.

You can call Java applications quite happily from within an ODBScript template. I'm assuming that the Java will have some parameters available in the page that you can adjust. If you look at example files then you should just be able to replace the example TIFF with variables ie "/$path_to_images$/$image_name$".

However, if it's at all possible I would convert the images into something that the browser can use natively - loading up a java applet to just view an image seems like more trouble than it's worth to me. Take a look at ImageMagick which allows you to run batch files from the command line (you can use ODScript's EXEC function)

Hope that helps.


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