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RE: Create a simple string from select-eachrow, Scott, 01-10-2008

Wrong end marker

by Roger Harris, January 18, 2008 09:48

You have used "--!>" to end your statements. This should be the standard HTML comment end marker, "-->". I didn't try it, but I suspect that command parsing was getting confused, so it's hard to say what it was doing.

You shouldn't need to use quotes around the semi-colon when you use the "comment" type statements, but it never hurts to put literal strings and characters inside quotes, to prevent any unexpected interpretation of "special" characters. As already noted in another post, if you use the "script tag" format, <% and %>, then semi-colons are used as statements separators, so quotes would be required for a literal character.

The "set $newname$=" with $ characters (instead of "set newname=") will work. (The $'s aren't required in the SET statemnt, since this always needs to be a variable name, but there are other cases where either a variable or a literal string might appear, so you need to be careful about which is used.)


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