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RE: OptionList query, Jon Grosse, 02-16-2008

OPTIONLIST should automatically order by the same columns you are selecting

by Roger Harris, February 16, 2008 18:44

If you have <% OPTIONLIST MatlGroup, Type AS xType... %> the generated query should automatically include "ORDER BY MatlGroup, xType". (If that isn't happening, you may have an older version which had a bug. Send me an email and let me know the file date of your .exe file.)

To see what the generated SQL looks like, you can display $sql_statement$ after the OPTIONLIST, and to see any errors produced you can display $sql_error$. (I usually put those in an HTML comment after SQL statements, so they don't interfere with any HTML formatting, then "view source" when the page is generated. I often leave the $sql_error$ comment in after debugging, in case some error comes up after you go "live".)

<!-- SQL Statement: $sql_statement$
  SQL Error: $sql_error$ -->


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