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RE: It's tricky, and it depends on exactly how things get processed, Roger Harris, 02-25-2008

Still no luck

by Adrian Fitton, February 26, 2008 02:18

Ok, well I've tried $varstr() on the variable that contains the current line from the input file, and now it just gives me lots of errors saying "ODBscript Error: READ: File not open".

When I don't use $varstr(readfile), but use $readfile$ instead, it all works, but the line $year$ becomes '2008'.

So, here is the basics of my code :

<%OPEN fileID, input.txt %> <%OUTPUT output.txt%> <%WHILE fileId%> <%SET readfile = $read(fileId)%> $varstr(readfile)<br/> <%endwhile%> <%output%>

INPUT.txt is as follows.... ====================================


$year$ ====================================

thanks, Adrian Fitton


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