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RE: You've answered the next question, but not the one I asked..., David Richardson, 03-12-2008

Sorry to mis-interpret your question

by Gordon, March 13, 2008 08:04


Sorry to mis-interpret your question. Now I remember I wrote this script because Roger's $REPL() is case sensitive which does not suit my need (I need case insensitive).

As to your question. Your business logic is not well defined when you ask the question. For example, what if the "some" is appeared four times as well (instead of three)? How if there are more than 3 words (or more) appeared the same occurences? How many "texts" you need to compare? Always 4 "texts" or not sure? ... etc

In order to solve your problem, the very much intelligent search/compare script need to be built because your search text is unknown. This script will also consume lots of cpu power because your text is huge. My personal feel is "you can not do it" because there are so many variables need to be considered. Sorry I can not help. May be Roger can give you the answer. He is the genius.



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