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parsing file names in a directory and searching through them

by Dave, April 1, 2008 19:37

Images are being scanned and then ftp'd up to the web server in the form of 3355667_2008-04-01.pdf. Where 3355667 is the order number and 2008-04-01 is the date the file was scanned.

I have an image directory called /ImageFiles. Inside this directory are hundreds of pdf files in the form of 3355667_2008-04-01.pdf. I want to be able to create a search box and type in 3355667 (the order number) or 2008-04-01 (the date) and have odbscript search though the file names in the directoy (no database is involved), parse the path into ordernumber and date, and return a clickable link to that file that has 3355667 or 2008-04-01 anywhee in the file name.

Currently I have code which only lists the contents. Is there anyway to do this with odbscript?

Thanks in advance.



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