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RE: Roger, can you remove LINKS restriction when people try to reply the message?, Gordon, 04-02-2008


by Roger Harris, April 3, 2008 21:17

Unfortunately, most of the spam is posted as replies to messages way down on the page, not as new topics. That's apparently because the idiot spammers are mainly interested in just getting a link somewhere on as many pages as possible, in hopes of increasing search engine page ranks. They are idiots because they don't realize that most major search engines actually punish websites now for that tactic by removing listings completely. Before I finally started removing the links, I was getting as many as a dozen spam postings a day, apparently all from one idiot in Russia, and I still get quite a few because they are other spammers who are too stupid to even realize that the links are being removed.

Your posting may have been refused because it contained http-colon-slash-slash somewhere in it, which some spammers use in the body of the post so I put it in the spam filter list. If you leave out that part of a reference link (or maybe substitute "....//" for it), it won't get recognized as a link.


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