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RE: Problem with timezone and time_24, Peter Versluis, 04-04-2008

The $time$ and $time_24$ variables just use your system time

by Roger Harris, April 5, 2008 08:40

ODBscript does not make any adjustments for timezone or local time; it just reads the current system clock. That problem sounds like your system may not be set to automatically adjust for "daylight savings" time (which is a checkbox in the tab for setting the timezone), or possibly the version of the operating system that's installed does not know the adjustment dates to use for the GMT+1 zone.

If that's the case and it can't be corrected any other way, there aren't any ODBscript built-in functions that can help. The only thing I can think of is to code an adjustment into your script, which first checks the current date to see if a daylight savings adjustment should be made.


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