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RE: The $time$ and $time_24$ variables just use your system time, Roger Harris, 04-05-2008

Weird... problem solved without intervention

by Peter Versluis, April 7, 2008 01:13

At the moment i wrote original issue (on friday) the problem was still occuring. Today (on monday) the problem resolved itself without intervention.

I traced it back to an Windows2000 server problem (missing update).

----- for the record i ran the following code:

<h1>test start here</h1>

ODB time_24: $time24$

<script> now = new Date(); var hours = now.getHours(); var minutes = now.getMinutes(); var seconds = now.getSeconds();

var timeValue = "" + ((hours < 10) ? "0" : "") + hours; timeValue += ((minutes < 10) ? ":0" : ":") + minutes

alert ("Javascript: "+timeValue); </script>

<h1>test ends here</h1>

Result was: ODB time 9:24 JS time: 10:24

Problem solved now...


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