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RE: Remember that ODBscript runs on the server, Roger Harris, 04-07-2008

time24 and windows2000

by Peter Versluis, April 7, 2008 22:59

I know that js works on the client, however the above example and results came also from our server. Since all servers and clients are sync'd with domain controllers time it should not be possible to have one hour of difference... However recently (2 weeks ago) we did change to summer-time (gmt+2).

I know there was an issue with mainly xp, but also 2000 regarding the date of changing winter-to-summer time. MS fixed this with an patch. Anyhow, the problem is not occuring anymore, first; also to window2000 without the patch is became summer time last weekend. Second; i applied the patch on the server.

The problem was not with odb, and it is still a great tool. Even the additional functionality (registered version), like sending emails, is perfect for our situation.

(btw.. the feedback result of the forum script is not working properly. After sending in a new topic/reply, you get a 404.)


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