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RE: SENDMAIL: No valid recipient addresses, Dave, 04-24-2008

Server is returning an error

by Roger Harris, April 24, 2008 14:11

Apparently, there is a mail server at mail.someserver.com. ODBscript can connect to it, but it is returning an error when it is sent that "to" address.

(If you are actually sending to a different server and just used "mail.someserver.com" as a place-holder in your posting here, it would still seem to be that the server you are connecting to doesn't like the "to" address, for some reason. ODBscript does check the format of email addresses, and you can get that error if you try to use an address with a bad format, but that doesn't seem to be the case with "dave@accessdts.lvcoxmail.com" -- that passes validation -- so the only way I can see getting that error is that the server is rejecting it.)


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