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by Dave, June 13, 2008 16:38

Im trying to create a report like master / detail / master. Its a packing list report that has Master detail at the top such as order number, customer name, customer address, etc...

The detail portion includes what was purchased such as item ID, description, quantity and there are usually multiple items per order.

The bottom master row includes, dollar totals, Grand totals, Shipping information.

This layout almost works:

<!--SQL SELECT... with a join on order numbers-->
<!--IFNEW OrderNumber-->
...top master detail here...
	<!--IFNEW ID-->	
           ...detail row with multiple items grouped by item ID...
	             <!--IFNEW Size-->
                    ...since the same item can have multiple sizes...
...I end the row right after the detail section of items and below would be the bottom master portion of the report including shipping, item totals, grand totals.

The problem is that the bottm master area puts a value below each detail row so that each detail item row has a "grand total" but the grand total should be at the very bottom.

I've tried many different combos but nome seem to work. Any help would be appricated.

Thanks, Dave


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