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encrypt and decrypt use

by Scott, March 19, 2009 04:56

Hello everyone, I have run into a small prblem that has consumed alot of time so I thought it was time to ask.

I am using the $encrypt($var$,$key$) function and (example) using the users last name as the $var$. Typically the resulting encrypted string is example:Wert4Y. But occationally the resulting string has a space in the middle or at the end. example: Wert Y or Wert4 . If I decrypt it directly it works fine, but where I am running into trouble is if I have to pass the enctrypted string through a URL. example pagenam.odb?var=Wert%204. The url places a %20 in place of the space. So then it can not be dectrypted.

Any suggestions or metods to get around this or fix it.

Thank you all!!



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