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RE: Sorry only just realised the message board was back up!, David Richardson, 01-12-2009

event log

by Dave, March 30, 2009 07:44

Have you looked at the event log to see if anything was failing?

Here is something interesting. It refers to IIS 3.0 however and using batch files as CGI...

Batch files that are implemented as Common Gateway Interface (CGI) applications on an Internet Information Server (IIS) computer will always return an Access Denied error message if they are secured using NTFS file security and the Anonymous user does not have access rights to the batch files. The Access Denied error message is returned regardless of the authentication scheme (Basic or Challenge Response) configured on the IIS server. The following is the error page returned to the client:

The error occurs because CGI applications are not access checked before being executed. IIS relies on the request handler in w3svc to access check a request and return an error indicating authentication is required to access the requested object.

In this case, the requested object is a batch file, which is handled differently than other requests. A batch file requires IIS to run the command interpreter (Cmd.exe) to process, and requires an extra thread to monitor and return any output generated by the batch file (CGI Gateway Thread). Because Cmd.exe is not secure, it will execute without a failure and IIS will start the CGI Gateway Thread. The error results when Cmd.exe attempts to process the secure batch file. Cmd.exe fails to process the batch file silently; however, the CGI Gateway Thread is still waiting for output from the batch file. Eventually the CGI Gateway Thread fails and returns a Gateway Error to the requesting client with the Access Denied error message.

Link support .microsoft .com / kb / 166491


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