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Problem with reserved words in variables - can you suppress errors?

by David Richardson, July 16, 2009 12:20

Hello all, long time no post!

I'm having a bit of trouble importing XML. No problem with the actual process, ODBscript does an admirable job, but I'm coming up against an issue with one particular collection of documents which are about Protptype. The summary field contains the phrase "The $A() function". I'm pretty sure this phrase is triggering some ODBscript logic to try and perform a function that hasn't been defined and causes errors all through the page.

I've managed to cut it down by doing a $repl($line$,"$"="& #36;") which does get rid of nearly all errors, but one still shows for the replace routine itself.

So, I'm guessing something internal needs to be looked at to prevent strings from triggering reserved words and the suchlike. But in the meantime, is there any way to suppress the error messages? I've tried doing it with Javascript, but the error messages aren't closed properly:

<P><B>ODBscript Error:</B> Undefined function for a( )<BR>[Error in file xmltest.odb line 116]<P>


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