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RE: You can use the $varstr( ) function, Roger Harris, 07-16-2009

Thank you, but...

by David Richardson, July 16, 2009 16:59

Thanks for an extensive explanation.

I probably made a mistake when I said *variable* and not *string*. The string I'm trying to process, is a variable in its own right: it's the full line of the XML file I'm importing. So:

<% line=$repl($varstr($line$),"$"="$")%>
just seems to be blanking the line. I guess maintaining $line$ as a variable name, rather than going through replacing anything within it. Wouldn't I have to identity the offending "substring" first somehow and then get that to run through as-is?

I guess for the moment I will have to suppress the error, although the offending words are being blanked on import, so it's not exactly perfect. (Unless I've got this varstr() business completely wrong?)


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