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LearntoHack.biz - No Decryption - Rip Off Fraud Report - Rip Off - Do not Send Money

by blonciblY, November 25, 2009 09:55

Hey Everybody...

There is a site called "<b>LearntoHack.co.uk</b>" which promises to decrypt Gmail accounts. Okay, Im an idiot who paid $100 to the site via Western Union to a guy in Vietnam named <b>Nguyen Thi Du</b>.

In short, the site is a <b>fraud</b>. Once you pay, they don't answer emails. Do not pay to this fraud site.

Note: The site also has a couple of other names such as <b>Rayahari.net & LearntoHack.co.uk & Learn-to-Hack.com & LearntoHack.biz.</b> All sites are hosted on the same server!

[Link deleted. Links are no longer allowed due to spamming abuse.]


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