CGI Single-copy License: $39
    CGI Multi-copy Corporate License: $79
ISAPI Single-copy License: $39
    ISAPI Multi-copy Corporate License: $79
CGI & ISAPI Single-copies: $59
    CGI & ISAPI Corporate License: $99

Bonus FREE utility scripts!
When you order the registered version of ODBscript, you will also get these useful utility scripts for free:

ODBgen SQL statement and script generator. The ODBgen.odb script will first ask you to enter a connection string for a database on your system (e.g., the DSN, user and password). The script will connect to that database and show a list of all the tables and views in the database. Click on a table and you will see a list of all the columns in that table. You can select any of them (or click "Select all"), and click the boxes to indicate which columns are to be considered as part of the unique key for the table. When you submit that form, ODBgen will create a page that has several boxes with generated ODBscript code (forms and SQL statements) to do various operations on the table and columns you selected: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and keyword and query-by-example searches. You can copy and paste these into your own script. You can also have ODBgen automatically create a set of complete, ready-to-run scripts for basic database maintenance: inserting rows, updating, and querying. Just specify a directory on your site, and optionally specify custom HTML header and footer files, and ODBgen will write the scripts to your directory, ready to run.
ODBsite Site file manager utility. This set of scripts implements a simple multi-user Web-based file manager function for your site: You can give the Admin user access to your entire site, but you can also create user accounts and assign subdirectories. Each user can get directory listings, upload and download files, rename files, and delete files, using only ODBscript Web pages instead of FTP. The system also supports creating, renaming, and deleting subdirectories. The upload function has an option to rename any existing file with the same name to have a ".bak" entension, and there is a function to restore the ".bak" version: When ".bak" files are found in any directory listing, a pull-down list selection at the bottom of the page allows restoring the original file with one click. The directory listing shows any subdirectories with a clickable link to see the files in that subdirectory, while all non-directory files are shown as clickable download links.

What's in the registered version? Get the registered version for more features.
The registered version of ODBscript includes these commands, functions, and features, which are not available in the freeware version:

CLOSE Close a file opened with the OPEN command
EACHFILE, ENDFILE Define a processing loop for a file directory listing
EACHINPUT, ENDINPUT Define a processing loop for each CGI input variable
EXEC Execute a system command or run a DOS program
FORM Generate a generic HTML data input form
FUNCTION, RETURN Define a string function
HEADER Send an HTTP header to the browser
HTTPGET Send an HTTP request using the "get" method
HTTPPOST Send an HTTP request using the "post" method
IMPORT, ENDIMPORT Read and process data variables from a text or CSV file
INSERTFORM Generate an automatic database insert form and SQL statement
ONERR, ENDERR Define an "error trap" to be executed if a processing error is encountered
OPEN Open a file for reading or writing
OPTIONLIST Create an HTML "select option" list from an SQL query or a given list of values
QBE Generate and execute a "query by example" SQL statement
REDIRECT Redirect user's browser to a different URL
RETURNFILE Send unprocessed binary file to the user's browser (e.g. an image file)
SEARCH Generate and execute a "keyword search" query
SENDMAIL, ENDMAIL Send the output as an e-mail message
SESSION Define session "persistent" variables (with optional login)
SETCOOKIE Send a "cookie" to the user's Web browser
UPDATEFORM Generate an automatic database update form and SQL statement
USER Define user "persistent" variables (with optional login)
VALIDATE Verify that input data matches a "regular expression" pattern
WRITE Write a line to a file opened with the OPEN command
File Uploading Upload files via HTTP from a Web page
createDir( ) Create a new directory (folder)
createFile( ) Create a new file
deleteDir( ) Delete a directory
deleteFile( ) Delete a file
fileExists( ) Test if a file exists
$newFileName( ) Get a unique file name for creating a file
$read( ) Read a file opened with the OPEN command
renameFile( ) Rename a file
$reverseDNS( ) Look up a host name using its IP address

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